Screen Painting


Also in todays workshop we used this random technique, to apply paint onto fabric quickly. We used dyes and painted onto the screen. Once it was completely dry we then used this jelly like substance that smells like the ocean, to screen print onto the fabric. This technique wasn’t the best because when you print the ink onto the fabric is seemed to smudge down the screen, however it was a fun technique to use and the colours came out super bright.


Stretching Paper

During our first workshop in the print studio, we learnt how to stretch paper. This technique is used when you are adding wet media to a piece of paper, normally the paper becomes crumpled and depending on what look you are going for, this technique will help keep the paper flat when you are using wet media.

In order to complete this technique, first you must dampen the paper slightly with a sponge. Then using gum tape, tape the paper to a board. Before the paper dries add your media. For this we used inks and some resist materials, including wax, wax crayons and salt. Leave the paper to dry and then cut away from the board using a cutting knife and ruler. The paper will be slightly smaller then the original size, but this is the downside of keeping your paper flat.

Week One Project- Exploring the City of Cardiff

Cardiff Market

While on my adventure into Cardiff City Centre I came across an old indoor market, which I thought looked to be an old rail station remodeled into a market due to the Victorian architecture of cast iron and glass paneled ceilings, like they have at Liverpool street in London. When asking one of the traders inside the market about the history of the building, he said there is no History, and for 120 years now this building had always been a market. However, he did report saying that people believed it was once part of a prison and hangings took place there. But history shows that the building was built on the same foundations as the prison and may contain the same walls built purposely for the Prison.

I was really inspired to find something so old yet so beautiful in an upcoming town like Cardiff. Its not unusual to see old things become unused due to wear and tear and never reopen! But the lively hood of all the market traders and the customers made the atmosphere a great place to come. Every single stall is used and its such a beautiful old building.

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