Water Soluble Fabric

During our third stitch session we learnt the technique of using water soluble fabric. For this technique we first used the drawings we had made on the Monday before from the National history museum, where we drew from the botanical art collection. In order to complete this technique, the idea is, is to stitch in straight lines using free machine embroidery and then stitch using a zig zag stitch over the top, so the stitches don’t fall apart when you dissolve the water soluble. We were also told to fill in the gaps and not leave anything that could fall, for example, my leave I made, when I finally dissolve it the stem may go floppy. Although that’s why it isn’t dissolved yet, as I am going to try stitch some wire into the stem so it can stay up and maybe bend. I have used water-soluble before but I’ve never learnt any of these correct techniques of letting it dissolve for over 30 minutes, so that the piece is soft.

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