Formative Assessment- First Term

Assesment term 1.jpg

This was my wall, for my formative assessment. We were asked to mount and present six dye samples, and six stitch samples. I attempted to create a theme for my work, including botanical pieces, but decided to title is natural forms, due to the tie-dye and shabori. I was overall happy with my presentation skills, because I decided to keep the margin at the top of the paper all the same size and stitched along the edge which I thought made it look very professional. We were in groups of five and asked to talk about our work for two minutes, and in my group I went last, which made me feel a lot more comfortable.

I had the idea of putting my drawings behind the water-soluble samples, which I thought was a clever idea to see the transition between where I started off- drawing. and where it ended up. I also got the idea to try create some repeat patterns using Photoshop, and placed that behind my sample of the daisy, because again you could see where my ideas have come from on one sample. I thought my colour scheme was quite contrasting because it was mostly built up of yellows and blues, but that splash of neon in the water-soluble sample, I think pulls the wall together.

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