Future Generations Conference Day 2016- Day 1

Before the Monday, we picked different two different Seminar’s to attend. I chose to attend ‘future currencies’ and ‘into the woods’.

The ‘future currencies’ Seminar was slightly random, however i really did enjoy what the gentleman had to say. It was mostly about why we exist. How our past is not fixed and we reinturprate it each time, from where we are now. He also talked about when someone leaves us, due to death, we don’t get over it, but we grow stronger and take it with us.

We then went on to discuss about Channel, and how her perfume is still the number one seller today, and is it un ethical that the company charges so much for one bottle, considering that Channel fought for women’s equality. We came to the decision as a group of artists that it was fair for her to charge the amount the company does because if we became famous one day, we would expect our art work to become higher in value due to popularity, and its understandable for the price to be the price it is.

The ‘into the woods’ Seminar was slightly confusing. It talked about children developing there idea of play outside and why we had become less ‘at one with nature’. They talked about new architectural children’s play schools, where they incorporated the outside as much as possible, to get children interacting with nature. I didn’t enjoy this Seminar as much, i was not as interested in it, in comparison to the first one. I was unsure where these seminars where heading because they just seemed to random.

Afterwards we attended a Keynotes lecture from David Hieatt, about his brand Hiut Denim. http://hiutdenim.co.uk/ He spoke about his product and how they work. His idea was to not wash his jeans, but to put them in a bag and place them in a freezer every day, and that they would need to be washed every two years using the technique. Because we over wash our clothes. His jeans have a life time guarantee.


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