Future Generations Conference Day 2016- Day 2

During the second day, we chose workshops to attend. For my First workshop I chose ‘pop up exhibition’. During which we bought in objects and looked at the idea of the story behind how it came to be with us. My object was a bolt I found in an abandoned warehouse back home in Manningtree. We had to create imagery to represent the story of the object. I paired up with amber and we decided to create a poster in order to show the story of how I became the owner of the bolt.

The second workshop I chose was ‘stick, stone and box’. During which we played three different games/ Challenges, in order to get us thinking of different ways we could complete tasks, instead of the conventional way. My favorite of the tasks was to find a way to drop an egg from the balcony and keep it safe only using tape, string and paper. We decided to wrap our egg up in lots of string, then tape and then paper. Most other groups attempted to make a parachute. Out of four groups, three managed to save their eggs. my group being one of them! HOORAY!!!

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