Marchand and Meffre

French photographers Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre are some of my favourite artists because they both have a passion about contemporary ruins, as do i. There website describes the history of the buildings and how they’ve come to be the way they are now. My favourite collection of theirs is the work they’ve done in Detroit, because the history is so real, and the photographs in my eyes are amazing. The idea that these buildings were once used and loved due to the industrialisation so much so, that it became the fourth largest city in the United States. But due to segregation and deindustrialisation, the population decreased rapidly, and buildings became outdated. They put it do perfectly:

‘Detroit, industrial capital of the XXth Century, played a fundamental role shaping the modern world. The logic that created the city also destroyed it. Nowadays, unlike anywhere else, the city’s ruins are not isolated details in the urban environment. They have become a natural component of the landscape. Detroit presents all archetypal buildings of an American city in a state of mummification. Its splendid decaying monuments are, no less than the Pyramids of Egypt, the Coliseum of Rome, or the Acropolis in Athens, remnants of the passing of a great Empire.‘



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