Sheep Visit

Today we had a visit from a Shepherdess names Jane, with a small number of sheep to learn about the different types of wools that different breeds of sheep create. With her she bought three different breeds of sheep including  Poll Dorsets, Shetland and Lavender sheep. After visiting the sheep, we then had a talk with her about spinning wool, and about the different types of wools you can retain from each breed of sheep, depending on there colour, thickness and texture. It was interesting to learn about this type of material, however most of the talk was about spinning, which I have never seen done. And about knitting and crochet which I don’t know a lot about. However, it was a nice day.


Speed Dating with Machine Feet

Today we went on a speed dating session testing out different machine feet and different machines. Including using winged needles, triple and twin needles, cording feet, rufflers, fringe feet, piping feet and an embellisher.

I really enjoyed todays session, and feel i could use lots of these techniques in the upcoming weeks to create my final pieces. I especially loved the winged needles and the fridge feet, because they both give off an interesting rough look which is what I’m going for.

Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel was a French fashion designer, who is famous for her trade mark suit and little black dress. Chanel was raised in an orphanage and taught to sew. She opened her first clothes shop in 1910 and launched her first perfume. She was a style icon emphasizing clothes that were comfortable for women. She died in 1971, but her perfume No5 is still the most sold perfume.

Personal Manifesto’s

  1. Make things personal to what you like- Be yourself
  2. Don’t overcomplicate things- Take your time to make things how you want them to be (things don’t have to be perfect)
  3. Enjoy what your doing
  4. Don’t take others criticisms literally, appreciate their honesty
  5. …  (Still Being Written)

Collaborative group week 2- With Duncan and Anna

During the second week we were asked to create some form of art work, or piece in order to symbolise out manifesto’s as a piece of art work, or idea to be placed in the CSAD building. My first idea was to get a collection of finger prints from people when they enter and exit the building. This idea grew and we began thinking about personal identity and collective groups. Relating this to social media.

When we started creating this piece we decided we were going to use primary colours as an idea, for primary identity- your finger print. But when we got to the store, the ink pads were extremely expensive, and we ended up just buying a blue pad. We set it up in the hall way between B and N block during lunch time and people seemed to have fun doing it.

Collaborative group- With Duncan and Anna

During the first week in our collaborative group we were asked to create a cake based on a series of manifesto’s.  My group decided on six manifestos’ to describe what art should be:

  • Deconstruction of work
  • Don’t over complicate
  • Don’t take things literally
  • Go your own way
  • Don’t listen to the man
  • Make your work playful and fun

From this, we decided to create a cake based on all our ideas, however because each of us in thew group were very different we decided instead of making a cake, we should only bring the ingredients in, to symbolise deconstruction and the starting point, in order for us all the make our own ideas of a cake. However other groups had other ideas of what there cake should look like:12754965_10207538124678491_1666867749_o