Jeans Re-Created

In keeping with the David Hieatt lecture. We were told to bring in a pair of jeans and re create them in some way. During our morning lecture we were told about different methods in order to change our jeans. Including manipulating the surfaces of them by ripping, bleaching, fraying, stitching, distressing, re-constructing and embellishing the fabric. They showed us many different techniques and artists. My favorite technique was Sashiko which is the method of using running stitch.

After being shown lots of different techniques, I decided to test loads of different ones out on my pair of jeans. I first tested out the method of Sashiko down one leg and on the pocket. I also incorporated beads into this decollate method. This was very time consuming and soon gave up, and thought id test a more rugged look. I then tried out cutting, ripping and bleaching on one leg. I really loved this pattern/texture I created using the bleach and a piece of paper. I also tested out stitching fabric into the cut out sections and stitching small crosses onto the denim. After looking at all these methods, my favorite was the bleached looked. However, I’m not sure if I like the use of denim and think I’m going to move on to using recycled fabrics in order to create some sort of wall hanging/hangings for my final piece.


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