Foil, Puff and Discharge

Here is a collection of images to show you the processes and the final results. My favorite I think is the foil. Especially using the print, I made, I think it looks interesting because its of a derelict building, using imagery from photographs taken by Marchand and Meffre. When I attempted the silk painting using this print, it didn’t look right because it seemed to perfect. But I think this method is nice, it adds a contrast to the subject matter because it is sparkly and pretty. And using this method in the future I think it would be nice to add some beads or intrigue stitch.

I also liked the puff technique, because it is a nice texture. However, I’m not so sure about using different coloured puff as the colour’s fade as soon as you heat the substance up with the iron in order to create the texture. This technique I think looks best in the cream colour on a fun patterned or coloured fabric.

Lastly Discharge, I wasn’t to sure about this technique because you had to use a specific fabric, plus also the fact it was done in red, and I’m currently working using cold colours. I’m not sure how hard it would be to create a different colour of this product. The idea is, if you leave it in a hot room, the substance removes the colours currently in the fabric and replaces it with the new one, this being red. I don’t think I would use this is my work, it just seems awkward and complicated for me. I prefer applying a new layer to fabric, instead of changing the fibers in the fabric.

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