Collaborative group- With Duncan and Anna

During the first week in our collaborative group we were asked to create a cake based on a series of manifesto’s.  My group decided on six manifestos’ to describe what art should be:

  • Deconstruction of work
  • Don’t over complicate
  • Don’t take things literally
  • Go your own way
  • Don’t listen to the man
  • Make your work playful and fun

From this, we decided to create a cake based on all our ideas, however because each of us in thew group were very different we decided instead of making a cake, we should only bring the ingredients in, to symbolise deconstruction and the starting point, in order for us all the make our own ideas of a cake. However other groups had other ideas of what there cake should look like:12754965_10207538124678491_1666867749_o


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