Professor Richard Weston- Digital Arts and Crafts from Minerals to Apps

Today we heard from Professor Richard Western about his digital art work based on minerals. His idea of art started of by scanning in minerals, lime stone and rocks. He then zooms into the images creating unique patterns. When this first started of he got some fabric digitally printed and completed a project with Newport fashion university called ‘frocks from rocks’.

Later on he appeared in a program which aired on BBC2 called ‘Britain’s next best thing’. During the shows air on TV the producers told Sir. Weston that he would receive lots of interest in his work, however that was not the case. He only received business from the company called liberty, where he had a collection of scarfs presented on a wall in the store.

More recently after retiring he bought a microscope, so he could zoom in so much closer, changing lights around the minerals to get different patters. On Photoshop he began adding the mineral, colour patterns into different images. After which he began to work with children’s drawings and edited in the colours. I thought this was a really clever idea, quite simple to do but still ended with such a beautiful piece.

Most recently he is attempting to create an app called Snapnic, where you can edit your own images with a selection of 8 different coloured minerals.

This talk was really inspiring, and I enjoyed what he had to say. His idea of editing images in this way is really unique. And then to add them into fashion works particularly well. It would be nice to try these ideas considering we will be starting digital print in the upcoming future.


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