Formative Assessment- Second Term

This is my wall for my formative assessment during the second term. we were asked to mount and present out work on the board and table. I presented my final two pieces I had completed together on the board at eye level. Pinning each corner and keeping the edges freighted, to represent the abandoned buildings being decayed, shown threw the imagery. I also put up on each side board my original photographs that inspired me, from the collection called ‘The ruins of Detroit’, by Marchand and Meffre. And the prints I had created from both photographs.

On the table I left all my folders including my artist research folder and both my technical folders from stitch and print showing all my examples of different techniques. My sketch books, which I have used to draw a few select images in. Not to mention the few big sample pieces I had created using the prints and different materials. Which I had stitched a header on to each. I thought the overall presentation looked professional and there was a clear link as to how I got to my final piece threw my presentation skills. I’m really happy with the overall outcome and thought my oral presentation about my work went really well. I was pleased with the feedback and I feel that my work was very unique in comparison to others in my class. Considering we all had the same theme and starting point. I’m impressed and hope to be able to continue with this theme.


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