St. Athens Boys Village

Today I travelled to St. Athens Boys Village, after researching about the place online and finding out it was relatively close to where I live I decided to take the trip to see what the place was like and perhaps find out the history of the place.

I discoved the sight on 28 days later, an online meeting place for urban explorers. Having seen photos of it, it a reasonable condition i was expecting much more, but when i got there the place was in ruins. Graffiti artists and arsonists have been about and its quite upsetting really. But from my perspective I got some wonderful photographs of textures and old wallpapers.

This is a link contains some of the history of the sight, it also shows some of the images that were taken of the place from 2009. Considering the time difference the place has changed drastically. 28DaysLaterPost.

These images I’ve taken of the wallpaper remind me a lot of photographs from the work of  Stephen Wilkes who took photographs of Ellis Island of the coast of New York. and also photographers Daniel Barter and Daniel Marbaix who toured around America and took this photograph in an asylum in New Jersey.



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