New Designs Edited

Here is a design edit from an initial image found on Pinterest. I cut out sections and created a pattern. Then recreated a new pattern using opacity. And adding in my chosen colour scheme, into different sections. I absolutely love this on the black background. I think this could make a great print within office and work place interior. Also would make a good print to put on stationary. However the more coloured versions make work better depending on the audience. For example kids stationary.


Initial Design Ideas

These are my initial design ideas using a few of the concepts I’ve created and using the tools i have learn over the last few weeks. Including the rotation tool and the opacity tool. I’m really happy with these designs, but not i just want to see what else i can do. I need to create some more concepts, perhaps do some drawing myself and scan them into illustrator using the trace tool.

Colour Board with Pantones

Final colour board with pantone

This is my finished colour board with the pantone numbers listed, as close as possible to the actual colours. Obviously though, due to the added light on the computer screen, these colours are different when you put them into Photoshop, however i think these are a good example of how to use pantones.

Red-               Pantone S90-1      C=0  M=100  Y=80  K=0

Orange-        Pantone S56-3      C=0  M-60  Y=70  K=0

Turquoise-   Pantone S250-6   C-35  M=0  Y=15  K=0

White-          Pantone S1-9        C=10  M=20  Y=10  K=0

Light Grey- Pantone S330-2    C=0 M=3  Y=3  K=20

Dark Grey-  Pantone S326-5    C=50  M=35  Y=35  K=0

Black-           Pantone S325-1     C=0  M=0  Y=0  K=100

Brown-         Pantone S319-6     C=40  M=75  Y=80  K=0


Keireine Canavan

Today we had a talk from our head lecturer Keireine Canavan, about her life as an artists, and what she is currently doing in her field. Both her parents were fine artists and met at Ruskin School of Art and Design at Oxford University. She studied her art foundation course at coventry where she discover her love of textiles. She received a place at Liverpool university to study weave, woven design and fashion. She then went on to complete her masters at the royal college of art in London to study Knitting. At this time, the college only accepted three students for each course, so this was a massive achievement.

During her second year of masters she worked for Massoni but after finishing her masters, she decided to wanted to start her own business. She moved to Plymouth and had her own store where she created knit wear. After 5 years and have three children she decided to move back to London.

After this she then decided to go back to school and study a masters at SCOT, in Scotland to study using CADCAM (computer aided design, computer aided technology).

Since 2003 she has been very interested in the Al-Sadu weaving project. This is a method of weaving within Kuwait. She also loves camels.

Illustrator Tools

Today we had a small talk about different tools within illustrator in order to quickly create concepts for out designs. She showed us videos to go along with these new tools. First we learn how to open up multiple boards within illustrator. This would be good to use in order to compare designs.

This is a really good in order to quickly draw round a design. this tool will work with simple designs, as shown in the video.

These video’s here shows exactly how to draw out a design, if you wanted to draw a complicated design, or free hand design, in comparison to using the trace tool.


Digital Colour Board

After creating our mood boards we were asked to start creating a colour board, which contained the chosen colours for our project. On the Monday i had chosen my 8 colours including greys, browns, turquoise, orange and red. I then decided to present this in a different way, instead of just having squared block colours like everyone else, i used the cog idea which was in my mood board, and recreated this using my colour scheme.

I then started messing about with my images and came up with two designs, however i’m really unsure how i feel about them. My first attempt i used all black and white images making the colours my centre piece, and then tried again with some different images. But i’m just slightly confused how this is different to my mood board. I think this is hard to work with because some of my images which are my favourites are black and white, so its trying to get the right mix of images. I’m finding this really difficult. But hopefully when i go in tomorrow and see Lucy, she can give me some advice.