Term Three- Digital Design

Today was the first day back after Easter break and were were given our new brief for this module which is all about digital designing. We were given a talk by Lucy Richardson, founder of the greetings card publisher Allihopa; and she will be helping and teaching us on the Mondays during this term with our digital project.

Lucy is the founder of the greeting card publisher that was set up in 2009. However, when she was at university she studied fashion and textiles in the 90’s. And during that period of time she learnt fashion aspects looking at the body, mostly underwear and swimsuits. After working for 10 years in the industry and having lost her job she decided to set up her own business within the greetings card industry and cleverly named her company ‘Allihopa’, which means everyone in Swedish. Since 2009 her company has expanded quickly and now sells her work around Europe and even in Australia.

During todays session we looked at the idea of what a designer is. And came up with the definition that: ‘A designer is a business professional who develops creative solutions for commercial needs’. In comparison to an Artist, designers develop things that have requirements set by others and will most likely be made by other people.

This term we will be learning how to use the software Photoshop and Illustrator within the Adobe collection. I already have some experience of using Photoshop, so hopefully I can use it to my advantage, however my knowledge of illustrator is minimal, so over the next coming weeks, I would like to read up on what tools there are on illustrator and how to use them. Which I will blog about to keep myself updated, and so I can come back to it in the future if I forget how to complete these design techniques.

We were given the choice of three theme: ‘Re-E-val-U-8’, ‘Scanned Memory’ and ‘Urban BEAT’. With the help of my last project to guide me, I decided to go with ‘Urban BEAT’. This is due to the words set in the brief including: Dynamic, Raw, Gritty, Edgy, Industrial Materials. I automatically thought about urban decay and dereliction, fashion aspects and potentially transport aspects of this theme. I have created a Pinterest online mood board to start of with. This is for designed to be a collage of images to help me come up with different idea.


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