How to Merge layers on Photoshop

Ive attempted to screen shot my screen as i re-create a ‘how to’ on what we learnt today in Photoshop.

  1. First of all select an image to work with.
  2. Select the ‘magic wand tool’ and try click onto an area of the image.
  3. If the part of the image selected is patchy, what we did today was using the ‘magnetic lasso tool’, we slowly went around the area we wanted to select clicking the mouse to make sure it selected the right area/shape.
  4. Next, select an image to apply over the top, perhaps to add some colour, or just a new texture to the image.
  5. Select the who image using the ‘rectangular marquee tool’, go to ‘Edit’ and ‘Copy’.
  6. Go back into the original image and go to ‘edit’, then click on ‘Paste Special’ and ‘Paste-Into’, so that the new image goes into the selected area.
  7. Next, if you like to, you can click ‘Edit’ and ‘Free Transform’. Which will then allow you to move the image to fit the selected area.
  8. Follow steps three and onwards until the whole image is full of colour or texture.
  9. I would suggest when the whole image is completed to right click over the layers, and click ‘Merge Visible’. Just so that if you want to create more prints from this one piece, you can easily move the whole image at one, instead of multiples.

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