Introduction into Photoshop with Professor Richard Weston

After this mornings session in Roath park, we headed back to university to meet Professor Richard Weston, who gave a workshop last term about his use of minerals in digital work. He showed us his application, he had been making that was called ‘Snap-Nic’ but since has changed, which allows the user to use or take images and transform them by merging layers of minerals/flowers and other interesting textures on top.

With our drawings from this morning, we were told to try and adapt these, with a collection of his own minerals and flowers he uses to do this type of work. This was in order for us to add colour to our images.

However, what I failed to do was just create an outline to work with this technique. So my initial drawing was really hard to work with. The lines weren’t strong enough when i photo copied it, plus i’m not sure the image was good enough to begin with, because this style of work just seems to work better when there is lots of layers in the piece, but you can see as my work continues:


After this, i them looked in my sketch book for some different drawings i had previously completed. And found one of my favourites from the first term that i completed at the National History Museum. I choose a purple looking substance and started filling in sections. After i had completed the whole flower i then started to create some different prints with the original image. i was so pleased with these, considering it was my first time using this technique. I think if i made some different drawings with more layers that maybe this technique could be more effective.

After returning home, i tried this technique out on a few other pieces, not exactly sure if i like them as much but this is all part of learning what kinda things work with this technique.


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