Illustrator Workshop

Today we had an introduction into illustrator learning about different tools on the software and how to create repeat patterns.  First of all, Steve allowed us to just play around trying to figure out what each tool does on illustrator. I’ve screen printed the panels and labelled them, with what tools we have used so far and what they do.

After which we then started to learn how to create shapes using the pen tool. I’ve shown this in my print screened slide show below. Using the pen tool click onto a point on the page and either drag and click to create a straight line, or drag- click and hold down to create a rounded line. After the shape is complete click the arrow tool to finish the shape. You can then add colour, Change the thickness of the outline, perhaps add a filter. Next using the rotate tool, press ‘alt’ and move the green bulls eye curser to centre of your design. I’m on a mac so using the ‘Command’ button (or windows button), hold this down to rotate where you would like the second shape to be placed. After which you can press ‘Command’ and ‘D’ and keep placing shapes around in a circle.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Steve then showed us a book called Digital Textiles Design by Melanie Bowles and Ceri Isaac, with different design ideas and ‘how to’ tips. After looking threw at different ideas and reading about different techniques, I created a few patterns myself using illustrator.



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