New Mood Board

After having a tutorial with Lucy today, she told me there was just way to much going on in my mood board and that i should cut in in half because clearly one side was a lot stronger then the other. In saying this i then re positioned half of my images on a new A3 sized portrait piece of paper in Photoshop and created a new mood board.

She also said she hated my fonts used in the old mood board and in order to get new and unique fonts i should use the website:, Where i can search different words associated with fonts, download the one i want and open it with font book and install the font here. Using this i was able to get a creative font to express the words and what they mean.

I also created a colour pallet from my original Mood Board taking colours out of different images. This is an eight colour, colour pallet with some grungy browns, blacks and greys, however, i also decided to include an edgy red, orange and turquoise colour to add a pop and bring the colour pallet to life more.

colour swatches

Final Mood Board

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