Photoshop- Selfie Editing

Today we learnt how to use tool on Photoshop, in order to edit selfies. Last session we were asked to take a selfie in order to edit it for today. Most of these tools i had already used previously. Including the ‘clone tool’. This is used to select an area and repeat this pattern in another area. In order to cover spots in this case, or could be used for blending or extending an image.

But we also used the ‘Bandaid tool’ and ‘spot healing tool’. This is a tool i had never used before, but it works in a similar way to the clone tool but on a larger scale. Allowing me to have multiple pairs of eyes, or lips.

We also learnt how to change the colour of eyes using the ‘eclipse tool’. In order to do this we used the ‘eclipse tool’ and made a shape around the eye. went to ‘select’ – ‘modify’ – ‘contract’ and choose 2/3 pixels. Then afterwards going back to ‘select’ – ‘modify’ – ‘feather’ and choose a radius of 2. The select the chosen colour you wish to change your eye colour to, and press on your keyboard ‘alt’ and ‘backspace’. And the circle should fill with the chosen colour. 

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 13.55.13

After this we then changed things up a little and were asked to attempt to create a cartoon of ourselves. Using the ‘pen tool’ and drawing round the chosen sections. This tool is very similar to the pen tool used in Illustrator in which you click to create straight lines, or hold down to create round lines. Afterwards you then fill the section with the chosen colour. My first attempt didn’t go so well. But I re attempted this at home and think i done a much better job.

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