Digital Colour Board

After creating our mood boards we were asked to start creating a colour board, which contained the chosen colours for our project. On the Monday i had chosen my 8 colours including greys, browns, turquoise, orange and red. I then decided to present this in a different way, instead of just having squared block colours like everyone else, i used the cog idea which was in my mood board, and recreated this using my colour scheme.

I then started messing about with my images and came up with two designs, however i’m really unsure how i feel about them. My first attempt i used all black and white images making the colours my centre piece, and then tried again with some different images. But i’m just slightly confused how this is different to my mood board. I think this is hard to work with because some of my images which are my favourites are black and white, so its trying to get the right mix of images. I’m finding this really difficult. But hopefully when i go in tomorrow and see Lucy, she can give me some advice.




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