Colour Board with Pantones

Final colour board with pantone

This is my finished colour board with the pantone numbers listed, as close as possible to the actual colours. Obviously though, due to the added light on the computer screen, these colours are different when you put them into Photoshop, however i think these are a good example of how to use pantones.

Red-               Pantone S90-1      C=0  M=100  Y=80  K=0

Orange-        Pantone S56-3      C=0  M-60  Y=70  K=0

Turquoise-   Pantone S250-6   C-35  M=0  Y=15  K=0

White-          Pantone S1-9        C=10  M=20  Y=10  K=0

Light Grey- Pantone S330-2    C=0 M=3  Y=3  K=20

Dark Grey-  Pantone S326-5    C=50  M=35  Y=35  K=0

Black-           Pantone S325-1     C=0  M=0  Y=0  K=100

Brown-         Pantone S319-6     C=40  M=75  Y=80  K=0



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