Etching Into Wood

Today we were also shown how to use the laser cutter, to either etch or cute into wood or plastic with our designs. My initial idea was just to have the title of the of the project onto wood in the font I used in my mood board. I thought this looked really nice. I then attempted another piece but with an image on. The image turned out really nice with the small spring shapes etched nicely into the wood. And the wood also gave it this decayed, urban style. In order to do this we used illustrator and typed out the font. We then had to make the font into an outline, we done this by selecting ‘type’ and then ‘create outline’. We then saved it as an Illustrator CS2 file. We then opened the file on the computer next the the laser cutter and decided weather it would be cut out or etched into. Steve then Placed the wood or plastic into the laser cutter and programmed it to start.



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