New Designers London 2016

While visiting the new designers event in London, I found some specific graduates thats work really inspired me. Due to there theme, processes and final pieces. Take a look:

This was my favourite new designer of the event. Her name is Shiona McMahon and she attended the University of Dundee. Instantly I was drawn to the rust dying, colours and textures. Before even seeing the screws I could see the patterns of rust dying. She said she has a passion for natural dying techniques. Her collection aims to show how versatile the processes can be and hopes to sell her work to commercial interior markets. I loved how beautiful and unique each piece was, especially with hand stitches.

Click here for more Information and Instagram Account.


This is another piece of work I particularly liked, by Rebakah Garthwaite who studied at the Birmingham City University. During the project she was inspired by ice and had a passion for embroidery and embellishment. I was drawn to the sketch book at colour palette most of all because of how the book was laid out to show all the pages, but also because the sketch book was used to demonstrate her though processes, and samples, which I hope to go back to during the second and third year of University.  Her final peices included over 10,000 beads which were hand stitched onto fabric. and different embroidery methods to show the transformation of ice. Although i’m not the biggest fan of embroidery, I was really impressed with this piece.

Click here for more Information and Instagram account.


I also collected many business cards throughout the day. When I go into third year, I assume I will also make business cards but looking at all the different types has given me lots to think about, including colour, textures, shapes, cut out shapes and hand made elements. Each card is different, but the ones that stood out to me were the ones that were hand made with there names printed on top, or thin clear plastic cards with shapes cut out. This idea would be good because it could make a keyring. However, Rachael Larsson, who used the plastic business cards was creating all her work out of plastic so it made so much sense. Obviously this day has given me an insight into what I will be doing in 2 years time, and I look forward to it. But with the time leading up to this point I hope to have looked into these things throughly.






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