First Day in Beijing

Alice, Rosie and I all met at the airport ready to set off on our adventure. I don’t think it actually set in that we were going to stay in Beijing until we actually unpacked our suitcases in our fancy accommodation. The flight wad great, very empty and no turbulance however, one of us got a lot more sleep then the rest (Alice).

When we arrived at the airport I was surprised to see how amazing the architecture of the actual airport building was itself. The ceiling were incredible with this bronze design taking old fashion shape design ideas with modern pretty decoration. We were met at the airport by Dana and Richard who work at the Cardiff Met office in Beijing. They took us to our new accommodation which was surprising amazing. But our flat is on the sixth floor of a block of flats with no lift, I’m just hoping this means I’ll be a lot fitter when I get back to Cardiff.

Dana and Richard took us out for lunch at A restaurant called Beef Noodles. This was our first real Chinese food experience and it was actually really nice. We struggled with using chopsticks but I’m sure in three months time we will be pro’s.

Also today, we took a trip to Ikea. It was so strange going somewhere so familiar but still it was so different. I studied Business at A level where we looked at different companies who had succeeded in the Chinese Market and Ikea was one I specially looked at. Most of the products were the exact same, in fact I saw half of my Cardiff bedroom in the store. But in this culture customers were making them selves at home in the showroom as if they were in the homes. It was bizarre to me to see people actually falling asleep in the display beds because you wouldn’t see this in England. But now we have unpacked and had a wonder around our surrounding. Its really beginning to set in that we are here for three months.

Super excited though because tomorrow we are travelling to see our new Uni for the next three months. Hopefully we can meet our teachers and see all the workshops. Yet I can’t help but feel nervous.


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