Second Day in Beijing

This morning we got taken by Richard to our new university for the next three months. The campus was actually stunning, but I think we picked a really good day to come. The sun was shining and all the flower gardens looked beautiful. We met our teacher Carolyn who asked us what we wanted to learn in terms of fashion. She seemed lovely and thought it was cute that we wanted to learn so much.

We then took a tour around the campus, looking at the library and all the different workshop rooms which looked super interesting.

Afterwards we met a boy called Panhongfeng (Hongbon), who will be our class mate over the three months. The teachers said that Hongbon was there favourite student and appears to be the only boy studying fashion within second year. We then went to the cafeteria with Richard and Hongbon to experience what it was like in comparison to back home.

We went into this huge dining hall and there was different food you could buy all around the edges. I let Richard pick me out some dishes he thought I might like which turned out to be delicious. It was very different to back home, however, I really enjoyed the atmosphere and how quick and easy it was.

After leaving the university campus we went with Richard and Hongbon to a shopping mall to go to the supermarket. They attempted to translate everything for us, but I really struggled finding food that was not going to be too spicy. We took our shopping home via a taxi and then went to the phone store to get new Chinese sim cards so we now have internet out and about. Which is so helpful, I never realised how reliant I was on my phone to do everything before today. When we walked out the store Hongbon’s friends- Lucia, Tina and Zoe were outside and we went to dinner together at Beef Noodles because this was so close. Richard left us at this point on his bike.

Today was such a busy and exciting day, I had so much fun with new people. Hongbon is so lovely and his friends are too.


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