Third Day in Beijing

Today Myself, Alice and Rosie caught the subway on our own to meet up with Lucia, Zoe and there friends at shopping mall. I really love the underground because of its history. I was expecting it to be very old fashioned and maybe some what unattractive however, it was really modern and well organised. But I still loved it. We traveled on like Ten for Two stops and it cost us 3 Yuan, it was so cheap. 20160910_142107

When we got the shopping mall we met Lucia, Zoe, Su and Mimi. We went shopping for clothes and make up and had lots of fun together. We then went to get Iced tea in Costa and went to Baskin Robin and got Ice cream which was super yummy.

After all this we went to the amazing restaurant in the shopping mall called Hai Di Lao Hot Pot, which was basically a group meal where we had four different hot flavoured pans in the middle of the table and we all put different meat and veg into the pots to cook it and eat together. It was a totally different eating experience the service was amazing and they had lots of things to do in the restaurant while we were waiting for a table, Alice and Rosie got a hand massage. It was amazing. Hongbon and his friend Landon came to meet us which was nice, so we now have an even bigger circle of friends. Such a busy and fun day.  


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