Forth Day in Beijing- Olympic Park

Today we took the subway with Hongbon to see the Beijing Olympic Park, which was where they held the Olympics in 2008. We got to see the Birds Nest arena, the mascots and the Ice Cube. We were also joined by Landon later and took lots of photos together. It was a really nice day and I really enjoyed seeing all the amazing sights.

Afterwards Hongbon and Landon took us to a Chinese BBQ which was in central Beijing called- ‘A Long Time Ago’. This place was decorated like the stone age. The BBQ was so interesting as we had hot coals in front of us and all the food items were on sticks and they rotated as they cooked in front of us.


Each say seems to get better and better. I am so excited to start at my new uni tomorrow, and see what kind of opportunities they have here.


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