Second Day at BIFT

On my second day at BIFT, I had research and development for fashion design with Macy. Macy was an english speaking Chinese women, which made the class so much easier to understand. Her english was very good.

In this class we were given a brief to find something on campus that inspired us and use this inspiration to create a product such as: hat, shoes, jewellery, bag or tie. Inspiration should be threw primary and secondary research including drawings, mind maps and photographs.

For this project I thought I would go completely opposite to what I normally do, and I started searching shoes. But for my theme I thought it would be interesting to look at the Beijing Subway and London Underground because I have a specific interest in these types of transportation. I created a mind map for shoes, Beijing subway and London underground, found imagery online on Pinterest and started drawing some shoes.

After class Hondbon said that we were having dinner with our teacher. We went to this hotel/restaurant and went upstairs to this amazing room with a big circle table for 15 people. We waited here for an hour until everyone else including our teacher Dory came. This meal was like a banquet dinner, it was amazing and it was bought for us by our teacher to welcome us. screenshot_2016-09-14-23-37-29


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