Third Day at BIFT- English Corner

As part of our time at BIFT, Carolyn has asked us to teach the Chinese students some english during english corner lessons. She asked us to think of games and punishments for the students to complete during these three hours. We started of by introducing ourselves with a name game. This was where we introduced ourselves with our name and something we like beginning with the first letter of the name. For example: my name is Tori and I like Turtles. This was a slight struggle but eventually everyone understood.

The second game we played was similar to: ‘never have I ever’. But we changed it to ‘I have’. And the idea was that we all stay something we have or haven’t done and if anyone was the odd one out they would have to read a tongue twister. However KJ thought it would be good that if one of us was the odd one out that we try read Chinese. This didn’t go down so well.

We also played hang man and what am I. I thought the first lesson was ok however I think we should be more prepared next week with categories and maybe songs and videos.

After University, we met Rosie’s friend Ciccy, who said she would take us to a stationary shop. We took a taxi to this shopping mall like place, inside was 5 stationary shops all selling the exact same things. It was slightly odd however I bought new colouring pens that were really cheap and a pair of scissors which are so small but really cool.

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