Back to reality… Second week at BIFT

Although I am still thinking of the trip as a vacation, I seriously need to get in the mindset that I am here to study.

Mondays lesson of Garment Manufacture, we learnt how to make a flare trouser pattern piece. This lesson was totally confusing. It was very similar to the trouser pattern piece last week however because it sat below the below the waist and was tighter, we needed to draw out a pattern for the waist and then remove part of it, in order to get the shape. Then to make it even more confusing you needed to copy the new waist line of the trouser pattern piece onto tracing paper and place this on top of the trouser which would then we inside inside the trouser. I’m still confused. However, by drawing these each week I am beginning to understand the basics of fashion drawings, drawing curved lines and measurements. My teacher tries so hard to communicate with me but I do not understand her corrections very well.

I hope to understand it more when we look at actually putting the garment together and understand the symbols.

On Tuesday we became got our students cards, making us official BIFT students!!!!


On Wednesday we continued with English corner, however, not as many people turned up as last week. We had lots of fun with new word games including word association and picture games. And we seem to be bonding more with the students who came along and hopefully we can help them to read and write more words and find out what they want to learn. Sally’s looking like she’s having a blast in the photo below (but she really was).



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