Week 2 at BIFT- Drawing Techniques in Fashion

This was my first drawing techniques in fashion class, with grade 1 students. At first I was so nervous because I did not know anyone in my class and secondly I really dislike drawing because I get easily frustrated when things don’t go right.

When I got into class, I was seated next to a girl who spoke little english. I attempted to copy my teachers drawing on the board, and at first I was really pleased with how my drawings went. I asked for feedback from the teacher, but the lack of English made it very hard to communicate with her, and she re-drew my work for me. I was so confused because it wasn’t constructive criticism she just done it for me. However, I think my work will get better over time, it just takes practice.

After class I spoke to some other girls in my class who said for homework we should practice the drawings we had done today in class. So when I got home I practiced these positions. I think the hardest bit for me in the Legs, Making sure they are straight, also the feet because they look so unrealistic.wechatimg9


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