Week 2 at BIFT- Fashion and Textile Material Understanding

Today again I was with my first grade class, on my own. But the previous evening I had spoken to two girls in my class who said to me that we were going to the fabric market in the afternoon and to bring money, which I was really excited about. When I got into class I was really quite confused. My teacher spoke no english and all the slides were in Chinese, so I was totally confused about what we were being taught. Both Lola and Sherleen tried to translate for me but there english is not so good.

In the afternoon, Lola and Sherleen took me in a taxi to the other side of Beijing to find the fabric market. It was in a very bizarre location however, I found and bought some beautiful fabrics which I hope to use in my new work.

After this, the girls took me to the shopping mall for afternoon tea and dinner where we ate the Beijing duck, which was amazing. I had never eaten the Beijing duck quite like this before, but it was such a fantastic meal with such lovely company. Also today was the day that I received my Chinese name. I gave Lola her name because she did not have an english name and thought it suited her very well. And I said she should give me a Chinese name, which she picked Mulan, because of the meaning of Victoria my real name. She said it suited me well and that the history of the Chinese warrior was made into a Disney film which I thought was lovely.



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