National Museum of China

Today, Lola, Sherleen and Myself visited the national museum of China. I am so glad they invited me because it was such an amazing day out. I learnt to much about Chinese history and culture and think this was a great experience. We first looked around the main exhibition about evolution and the history of Chinas people. I thought the evolution part was good because it was in english, but also because when we learn about evolution, you never know from what parts of the world it began in, so this was very interesting to me. Also now that I am older I had a better understating and appreciation for the art work created because I never understood before today how many years ago different artefacts were made but it really became clear to me today.

We also looked around the silk road exhibition, however, this exhibition was all in Chinese so I could not understand it clearly. But the girls tried to translate for me and I was fascinated by the colours, textures, patterns and techniques used on the different garments.

lastly we took at look around the war exhibition and the architectural exhibition. Before today I knew very little about the world wars that took place in China. But today the girls gave me a short history lesson about the war between china and japan, and how the emperor led them to victory. Overall today was such a fantastic learning opportunity for myself, and I would like to come back one day with Rosie and Alice to show them what I have learnt and also to see the many other exhibitions. The museum is huge and has five different floors but maybe today I only saw one floor. So next time I would like to look around new parts. Please take the time to view all 80 photos.

After we left the museum the girls took me on the subway to an interesting cafe they found online. It was a cat cuddling cafe. Where everything is about cats, and you can have tea and coffee while stroking cats. It was such a weird place, however, very quirky and such an experience. I told Rosie and Alice and they want to go too. Its so funny.


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