Week 3 at BIFT- Meeting with Irene

Today myself and Alice randomly bumped into Irene. The new fashion teacher at Cardiff Met, in the court yard of BIFT today. So bizarre, but lovely meeting her. Instead of going to our lesson we decided to go to her talk with first years about portfolios in fashion and Cardiff Met.

I found the talk really inspiring and informative. The idea of creating portfolios in this way is very new to me. However, I really like the idea of creating something that shows who I am, and that speaks to the customer. Perhaps in the form of a book or even computer software. So inspiring tho, I think everyone should get the chance to hear what Irene has to say.

After the talk we went to lunch with our friends Zoe and Tine, Omar and a few other teachers who I do not know the names of. It was in a special part of the cafeteria, upstairs in what looked like a separate restaurant. But it was lovely to be treated to lunch. I can only assume this was Irenes first time using chopsticks because it was very funny, but all in all such a lovely morning and she’s such a lovely and funny lady. Can’t wait to talk her more in Cardiff when I return home.

After Lunch, me and Alice went back to our class to continue with our research and development project. After which we then went shopping in Beijing central with Zoe, Tina, Lucia, Sue, Vivie, Dylan and maybe a few more. Take a look at our photos:


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