Week 6 at BIFT- Garment Manufacture

Today in garment manufacture class we were asked to find a photo of a garment we wanted to make. Obviously for many lessons now we have been learning how to make trousers and a suit, but I understand from students that a skirt is very easy and quick to make, in comparison to trousers. Plus I think making this will be very helpful for Macy’s class.

Today I drew the Pattern on a 1:1 scale, using my measurements.

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I feel very excited to use all my new fabrics to try make this skirt. If I have time I hope to make two skirts using different fabrics.


978 Art District- Weekend

On the Saturday, Me, Alice, Rosie and Sally visited the 978 Art District, Where we discovered many different designers work on display which I found very inspiring for my research and development class with Macy. There were many colours, fabrics and shapes which I found very inspiring and useful in designing new clothes.

I managed to speak to one of the women working during the day, because I found a bag I really liked and she invited us to the fashion show on the Sunday.

On the Sunday, I went back to the 978 art district with Sherleen, Lola and Michelle, and went to the fashion show, celebrating Shengyi Liu’s brand of bags called WOWIN. I was really impressed with the whole show, and the presentation of the bags. I was inspired by the clothing they wore which although was very simple, the structure of the clothes was very nice with the wide shoulders and the loose fit.

These images are taken from their website, as the photos I took were not clear and of good quality.



Temple of Heaven

Today Rosie and Myself went to the Temple of Heaven, one of the major tourist attractions in Beijing. It was built in 1420, this was where the emperors of Ming and Qing dynasties went to worship heaven. Most of the structure we see today were reconstructed in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). The Temple of Heaven is one of the ancient Chinese temples with the highest status. This is the most distinctive temple still existing today, in 1961it was designated as the ‘national key cultural relics protection site’. In 1998 it was listed as a ‘world cultural heritage site’.

We picked such a great day to visit such an iconic place of worship in China. Beautiful bright blue skys perfect for a picture.

Research and Development- Second Brief

For our second brief we were asked to create an outfit, looking at one era and trend forecasts for spring/ summer 2017, taking elements from each in order to create garments. I first looked at many eras, ending up choosing 60’s space age fashion. I loved the futuristic styles, with interesting shapes and fabric choices. I then looked on WGSN to find trends, and found a trend that seemed perfect for my theme called: ‘Digital Wave’. Digital wave looks at the 1980’s, with future driven modern fabrics and punk subculture style.

I have now created three different designs looking at elements of both parts of the brief. Including shapes, geometric patterns, colours and fabrics. I have also looked at fabric samples and surface pattern ideas.

But I will continue to create more designs looking at more inspiration. But I hope with the time I have left at BIFT, I am able to create a garment of good quality.

As a textile student taking on a project like this. I think the best way is to use unusual fabrics especially plastic and unconventional ways to attaching fabric pieces together. I want it to be fun but it is very hard working along fabric designers who don’t understand the mind of a textiles student like myself. I want things to be crazy and maybe unwearable.

Its very hard for me to look at the project brief in two ways, In the eyes of a new fashion designer because I don’t understand how to do this yet with the skills I currently have, and as a textile student because I understand I am lacking equipment. But where do I draw the line between the two?

The Great Wall of China- Badaling 八达岭

Today we visited a part of the Great Wall of China called Badaling. This portion of the wall is the most visited section of the wall situated 80Km north west of Beijing Central.

The Great wall of China is a series of Forts built across the historic northern borders of China to protect the Chinese states and Empires against raids and invasions. Several walls were being built as early as the 7th Centry , later joined together and made bigger and stronger. The great wall has been rebuilt and maintained since, and the majority of the existing wall is from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). It has been estimated the wall measures 8,850Km,made up of wall, tenches and natural defensive barriers. 

Badaling was built in 1504 during the Ming Dynasty. The highest point of Badaling wall is Beibalou, which is approximately 1,015 Meters above sea level. This part of the wall was built strategically to protect the Juyongguan Pass, further protecting the city of Beijing. This part of the wall was the last to be built, and in 1957 it was the first part to be open to tourists. 

I was very impressed with the whole day, especially because we got to meet a Cardiff Met teacher from the Management building, who was very kind to let us join his tour. We got to wall some of the wall to very high points, and the views were incredible. Seeing the mountains in the distance and how the wall turned and came back on its self. It was very incredible. Our tour guide said that 20% of the population during the time of building the great wall were made to help build this, with many losing there lives during the build. The history and the ideas behind the wall were unbelievable, and I felt incredibly lucky to have been able to see this and walk along it.

I hope to get the chance to visit another part of the wall before I return home.

University Open Day

Today we met with Omar, to act as ambassadors as Cardiff Metropolitan University and talk to students about how great the University and the city are. It was a great day, we got to discuss further plans to travel to the great wall, and had lots of fun with the students.

Research and Development Class- First Brief

This is my finished project for Macys class. When I first started the project I was so excited to do my own thing, I choose shoes as I thought it would make the project very different, but soon found out it would be very difficult. I feel some how even with the limited time, I put myself in a corner by picking a somewhat limited theme, however I am pleased with what I have made during this project. It was during the last week of actually making I realised how different my project was to all the other fashion students. I had been looking at the print of the shoes and not so much the design, making me a textiles student. Where as fashion students had been looking at the shapes of the products.

I attempted to continue trying to create a textile based finished product, but using the sewing machines at university was a struggle. These machines were industrial machines that only went forwards and backwards, and had no other method of stitch, let alone free machine embroidery. I ended up buying a shoe online and painting my design onto the fabric. I thought this was pretty bland, but with my lack of equipment it was the best I could do with the time I had.

Macy has said for my next project we should continue to work in our field (Textiles), but with limited resources I have decided to start thinking more like a fashion student with the new project, and I am excited to see how it goes.