Beijing Design Exhibsion

Today Hongbon took us to the design exhibition which turned out to be amazing. We weren’t sure what to expect because he did not tell us much- Just that we were going to an exhibition mall. But when we arrived I was really happy with the location.

Only a few days ago I read about an air cleaner the size of a building, turning chinas smog into diamonds. Turns out the invention was actually one of the centre attractions to the design show. Created by Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde- the worlds largest smog vacuum cleaner. I thought this was actually amazing. And then to wear jewellery containing the smog of Beijing- Pretty cool!

The location was in and around an abandoned factory area. Anyone who knows me, knows I was in love with all the rusty pipes and machinery. I thought it was so interesting to be walking around this area which looked fabulous, but they hadn’t just left it, they created walk ways around this and made it look spectacular. really interesting.


The day we spent shopping round small hand made designers markets. It was really nice actually meeting people from all over- Korea, america, who create many different objects, clothes, fashion products. I thought it was interesting. I bought new earrings and a choker today which I am really impressed with.

Such a great day.

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