Fabric Market- Round 2

Today was the second time I visited the fabric market, as Alice and Rosie wanted to buy some for there project. This time I really only needed some basic starchy white fabric to create my shoes out of. But ended up buying more then I wished. As soon as we walked into the first store I was attracted to this plastic they had rolled up by the door. At first I bought a meter of yellow and orange, but ended up going back and buying green and purple. I thought this plastic would make a great clutch bag or some sort, using geometric prints on top. I also loved how the edges of the plastic glowed and that the more you layer up the more different colours you got out of it. I also saw some distressed denim I loved. Both Alice and Rosie bought some, and me being myself I didn’t want to end up with all the same stuff so I did not buy this, but may have to come back later on. I also bought some more Chinese printed silk. I do not have a picture of this, but again I think it would make a nice bag of some sort. Thats all I have in my head at the moment- Bags!!!!!

Such a lovely trip though. Will defiantly be back before we go home.


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