Beijing Zoo

Today I went to Beijing zoo with Lucia, Sue and Dylan. After hearing many bad reviews online, I still wanted to go see what it was like. I really like seeing different animals especially giraffes. Plus i’d never seen pandas before and I was in china, so pandas were a must.

When we arrived there was a ridiculous amount of people waiting for tickets. But we were soon in the zoo. Beijing zoo is an incredibly old zoo. It was opened to the public for the first time in 1908, but suffered greatly during periods of war. By 1937 many of the animals had sadly died. During 1949 the zoo was rebuilt and was open again to the public in 1950.

The layout of the park seems very confusing, and many of the enclosures did look old and uncared for. This was very sad, but I understand the point of the zoo is to learn about animals and keep the species safe to re create and keep them all alive for a very long time.  I can understand why many Tourists may think this zoo is bad but China has many different laws about how they can keep and treat animals. I assume it will take time for them to create new enclosures for all the animals but I believe this is sufficient.

My favourite parts of the day included seeing the giraffes (My favourite animal), Lamas (Lucia’s favourite animal), Monkeys and Pandas. It was defiantly well worth seeing the pandas. They seemed so happy sat eating bamboo. I was super shocked to see kangaroos and polar bears though. In comparison to my zoo back home (Colchester zoo), the zoo at home seems much more animal friendly.  And I much prefer being able to feed the giraffes and elephants. But I was happy to see the zoo here.

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