Science, Art and Fashion Festival at BIFT

Today we went to university to take a look at the market and fashion show of the Science, Textiles and Fashion Festival. We were lucky enough to be invited by my friends Lola and Sherleen, and my friend Lily kindly enough found us tickets to the fashion show.

It was a really nice to see the market, it was products that many of the students had made, which was lovely. It included many jewellery items, illustrations on post cards, bags and candles and many other products, all of which were unique and interesting and I thought the whole idea of getting students to sell products was great to show real talent and allow students to make money.

Although the market was great, my favourite part was the graduate degree cultural fashion show. It was so well designed and the clothes on the runway were very well designed. It was interesting looking at shapes and colours. And I was shocked to see how perfect these designs were made to look, and how well the whole show came together. It looked so professional and it was great to see a potential outcome for fashion students because I’m obviously a textiles student and fashion is very different.


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