Research and Development Class- First Brief

This is my finished project for Macys class. When I first started the project I was so excited to do my own thing, I choose shoes as I thought it would make the project very different, but soon found out it would be very difficult. I feel some how even with the limited time, I put myself in a corner by picking a somewhat limited theme, however I am pleased with what I have made during this project. It was during the last week of actually making I realised how different my project was to all the other fashion students. I had been looking at the print of the shoes and not so much the design, making me a textiles student. Where as fashion students had been looking at the shapes of the products.

I attempted to continue trying to create a textile based finished product, but using the sewing machines at university was a struggle. These machines were industrial machines that only went forwards and backwards, and had no other method of stitch, let alone free machine embroidery. I ended up buying a shoe online and painting my design onto the fabric. I thought this was pretty bland, but with my lack of equipment it was the best I could do with the time I had.

Macy has said for my next project we should continue to work in our field (Textiles), but with limited resources I have decided to start thinking more like a fashion student with the new project, and I am excited to see how it goes.


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