Research and Development- Second Brief

For our second brief we were asked to create an outfit, looking at one era and trend forecasts for spring/ summer 2017, taking elements from each in order to create garments. I first looked at many eras, ending up choosing 60’s space age fashion. I loved the futuristic styles, with interesting shapes and fabric choices. I then looked on WGSN to find trends, and found a trend that seemed perfect for my theme called: ‘Digital Wave’. Digital wave looks at the 1980’s, with future driven modern fabrics and punk subculture style.

I have now created three different designs looking at elements of both parts of the brief. Including shapes, geometric patterns, colours and fabrics. I have also looked at fabric samples and surface pattern ideas.

But I will continue to create more designs looking at more inspiration. But I hope with the time I have left at BIFT, I am able to create a garment of good quality.

As a textile student taking on a project like this. I think the best way is to use unusual fabrics especially plastic and unconventional ways to attaching fabric pieces together. I want it to be fun but it is very hard working along fabric designers who don’t understand the mind of a textiles student like myself. I want things to be crazy and maybe unwearable.

Its very hard for me to look at the project brief in two ways, In the eyes of a new fashion designer because I don’t understand how to do this yet with the skills I currently have, and as a textile student because I understand I am lacking equipment. But where do I draw the line between the two?


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