Gift from Lucia

Today, one of my good friends Lucia gave me a present of a drawing of me. It was very thoughtful and well done, I’m so pleased she spent time to make something so fantastic, with so much consideration to my favourite colours, she knows me so well. Very kind gesture. She almost cried when we said good bye, but I assume with over a week left in China, we will see each other again. I think saying goodbye to all my new friends will be so hard, but I am still very excited to return home to see my friends and family.



Research and Development- Skirt Finished

Today when I got into university, I wanted to finish my skirt as I only needed to stitch the waist band together, which should have been relativity quick and easy. I went to a different stitch room, and I think the sewing machine was slightly different. I was very worried because all my previous attempts of the waist bad went wrong at so many points, and I had to unpick a lot of stitches. However, because this fabric is transparent, it made it slightly easier to keep neat. However, at certain points it went slightly off track, because the speed of the machine is very temperamental. I am so pleased to say I have finished this to a very high standard in comparison to my previous few. However I still want to make a face mask/goggles.

Field Sketch Book

Here are a few things I have been working on in My field sketch book. I have always hated drawing as I get frustrated easily and quickly give up. But since seeing drawings of Rosie and Alice, I have been more inspired to try different methods and complete my drawings. I have found a new love for pens and pattern making. I also love the layering technique.

Reach and Development- Second Brief Continued

Here is my current book work, with new influences. After speaking with Kiereine on a weekly basis and getting influences from both her and Irene, I have found it very hard to make this project relevant and seem ongoing. I know when I get home I want to re create this project with a different brief and very different outcomes. But making a garment for this project within the time frame I have found very challenging. I have recently discovered new artists on Vogue that I have found very influential in my work, which has helped me to create elements of my final piece. However, I am not sure if you will understand were my ideas have come from in my book, this is because I have felt very limited with resources. Take a look at these new artists:

Viktoria Tisza

Viktoria Tisza is a Budapest based fashion designer. She launched her brand in 2012, mainly focusing on women’s swim wear. She applies exciting fabrics and designs pure forms with some futuristic ideas. In her latest collections she has been experimenting with new technologies and created moulded pieced of silicone rubber, a versatile material, that supports her sci-fi ambience concepts.

I found Inspiration in her work because of the unique fabrics and textures used. I love her designs as it borders on the edge of nudity, which I find interesting, with detail to surface pattern shapes/textures, shoulder shapes and interesting skirt shapes. I think these are very unique which I like a lot.

Junya Wantanabe

Wantanabe was born in Japan in 1961, He graduated from Tokyo’s Bunka Fashion Institute in 1984. He immediately joined Comme des Garcons, the company run by Japanese designer Rei Kawakubo. In 1992, he started showing his own collection under the Comme des Garcons label, and since then his individuality has become his trademark. He has a very futuristic style, giving his clothes an irregular touch through random tucking and pleating, or rushing.

I was really inspired by the interesting surface patterns here and shapes, because they were slightly crazy. And I found inspiration in the fabrics, using mesh and other like fabrics. After seeing inspiration of pleats here and looking at architecture I decided I want to try this for myself. However, with little access to internet sights, or books. I have decided to wait till I get home and complete work experience to get more in depth knowledge of this technique.

Clio Sage

Clio Sage is a graduate from Barnards College in Columbia. She majored in architecture but applies her technical training to artistic mediums. Her latest and now primary focus has been using her architectural background as a point of influence for her fashion design, building clothes out of unconventional apparel materials through laser cut and hand work.

I was really inspired by her influence of Architecture and Unconventional fabrics and methods of constructing clothes that could be perhaps something else. I thought the idea was interesting and reminded me of the recent work of Issey Miyake, which I love.

Nior Kei Ninomiya

During his younger years, he studied French Literature, before deciding he wanted to become a fashion designer.  He then moved to studied at the Royal Art academy, before moving to Belgium. Later he was offered the opportunity to work as a pattern cutter at Rei Kawakubo’s  Comme des Garcons. He was able to interact with Kawakubo, allowing him to develop personal creations.

I was really inspired by his unusual surface patterns, and in particular the constructions including pleats and caged constructions. Which I thought worked well with the trending forecasting, but the construction itself was interesting which why it was influential to my work.

Issey Miyake

Issey Miyake is a Japanese fashion designer and fragrance connoisseur. He is known for his technology driven clothing designs. He was a graphic design student at Tama Art University. He questioned why clothing design was not included in the programme and started focusing on the design instead of fashion. In 1988 Miyake created a new technique called Garment Pleating which led to a clothing line called Pleats Please in 1993. Here are images of his new collection called BAOBAO, created for winter 2016.

I am really inspired by his use of pleats in his old and new fashion designs, but in particular, really like this new style of bag created. I love how the light reflects of each triangle piece making it stand out weather its metallic, shiny or matt. I think this idea is interesting.

After seeing all these artists interesting designs for Spring/Summer 2017, I became inspired and started drawing interesting designs for my final piece, with particular interest in using unusual fabrics. After learning how to draw the body in different ways in my drawing class, my focus slowly drifted to looking at how to capture the body in different ways threw clothes, which is where I began looking at transparent fabrics to cover the body but not show the shape. I was inspired by fashion worn by Twiggy in the 60’s with the high neck line and tent shape, which did not outline the body shape, and I thought this was a clever idea to use this shape with the transparent fabrics.

After messing about with some plastic, I decided to go ahead and attempt to make a clean cut plastic skater skirt because this was what I knew how to make. I choose orange and yellow for the colours because yellow was one of the main colours of my forecasted colour pallet, and I choose the orange as a contract, because out of all the plastics, this one worked the best and specifically because when you cut into both the yellow and orange the edges glow, which I think gives it that space age 60’s vibe, which was my theme.

I chose to add zips and pin pricks into the fabric to give the garment more interaction and depth. I loved the stitches as this helped to open the seams, and gave it more of a glow, which I loved. The zips were for decoration, because with my lack of resources and my knowledge of how to apply a zip, I thought it would make the garment slightly more interesting.  During my first lesson making I half completed my skirt. And hope in my final lesson to make goggles to go with this as an interesting accessory.

Garment Making Class- Finished My Skirt

Today I finished this tricky A-line skirt with the help and guidance of my teacher. I needed to stitch down the waist band neatly, apply the clasp, shorten and neaten the bottom. The waist band was very tricky, but I don’t it very slowly inch by inch, without going backwards and forwards, and after stitching it once, I went round the whole thing again. This made it easy to unpick when I messed up. Once I had finished the waist band, I realised one side was a long winder then the other, so although they met up at the top perfectly, one side had a much shorter zip, which made it awkward to attach the clasp, luckily its not really practical. I then cut six centimetres off the bottom, and turned it over one centimetre and again, to stitch the neatly at the bottom. The issues I had with this material is, you couldn’t ion it, because it could melt. You couldn’t fold it because it would leave it with a visible creese changing the surface of the line. Also when stitching, because the machine moved the fabric with feet, the feet would mark the fabric making it very difficult to make any mistakes without visible marks. However, I finished it, and It fits me, but is slightly too big. But I cannot sit down in this skirt because it squeaks and creases. But my teacher wanted to take a picture us together while I was wearing it, as I may not see her again.

She was such a fabulous garment making teacher, although she could not speak any english, has taught me many things. Which I am very grateful for.

Sherleen’s Pizza Party

Today was one of my good friend, Sherleen’s birthday. She was so sweet to invite us out for pizza at Tube Station Pizza, located near our university. When we arrived, one of her friends was sweet enough to order her a cake, which came via deliveroo with cutlery, candles, plates, even a lighter. It was seriously thoughtful. They ordered the biggest pizza for us all to share and afterwards Sherleen was sweet enough to share her cake with us all. This girl is seriously the cutest nicest girl you will ever meet, very happy to call her my friend.

Afterwards, all these girls wanted to take many photos, as they always do. Zon got out her Polaroid and we took many group photos to celebrate our friendship, and keep as memories for time to come. It was very nice of them, as they gave us one to keep. It was a lovely evening. I will miss these girls very much when I leave.