Xi’an- First Day

My first trip out of Beijing, travelling across China. We decided to go to Xi’an after speaking to Dr. Robert about the Terracotta army. He told us there was lots to do, and after hearing this, we all decided this was too good an opportunity to miss. We traveled on the bullet train, which I was super excited about. The train station was HUGE! Literally felt like I was in the airport. When we got on the train I was expecting something amazing, but it felt more like I was on an airplane with the seating arrangement. After 20 minutes, we were travelling at 300Kmph, which I thought would feel impressive, but because of the smog, I couldn’t tell how fast we were going, and I couldn’t even see out the window. To be honest I was pretty disappointed, but I am glad to say I have traveled on this type of train, as I really like public transportation.

After 6 long hours on the train, we finally got off and took a taxi to our hostel. When we arrived at the hostel, I was really surprised how cheap and nice it was. The staff were very friendly, and spoke good english, the bar was really relaxed and the beds were so comfy.

In the evening we spoke to the bar staff who helped us buy ticket for the Tang Palace Dance show. We started off with a dumpling dinner and watched the show which lasted about an hour. It was going threw the history of different dances and music within China.I thought the show was spectacular, the dancers were great, and the costumes were stunning. The music was peaceful, but nothing like I had ever heard before and they instruments looked different and it was very entertaining.


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