Xi’an- Third Day

Today, we got up early and traveled in a taxi to go to some parks we found on trip advisor. While we were in the taxi, I suggested we get out early because the entrance to what I thought was one of the parks was so beautiful. We went towards the park and paid an entrance fee of 60 Yuen with our students cards. As we entered we were happily surprised how beautiful this park was, named Tang Paradise. we walked over the bridge and found ourselves surrounded by a beautiful waterfall. Couldn’t help but take many selfies and pictures here. Today was the day I finally became the owner of a selfie stick- I’m really trying to take on some of these Chinese attributes. As we continued to walk round the park, we saw many interesting and new sights. Including a pond with a black goose. Never have I ever seen one before, making it a new sight. we also found a playground with interesting activities. And the beautiful sights of Xi’an sky scrapers in the distance behind the smog and a traditional Chinese building over the lake. An interesting photo if you have the time to study this. But unfortunately we also saw today children taking part in camel rides. But they seem very poorly treated, although I have never seen a camel before, when we went to visit the Capital Museum in Beijing, I noticed a recreating of something where the camels had metal rods put threw there nose to pull them along, which is what I so today for real. One camel looked like its face was distorted to one side because the metal was pulling the side of its face down, very sad. I also saw many Chinese men and women surrounding and betting on a chicken fight show. Not the best of sights, I thought this was very cruel. But I understand they have a different respect for animals then we do. However I thought the park was beautiful, lovely scenery and sights- perfect for a selfie.

In the evening, we met with Dennis, and he took us to the the Big Goose Pagoda Fountain show. It was a spectacular sight of traditional Chinese music, with foundations moving to the precise rhythm and dramatic motion as the music, with the lights. It was stunning. unfortunately I cannot upload videos onto my blog, but these are some photos. The hight of the water and the level of accuracy to every beat of the music was so powerful and it lasted for 15 minutes. It was truly incredible and it was also very busy.

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