Today we traveled to Dalian, as part of the Cardiff Met team, to help Leo and Dr.Fan meet with University students at a university called Liaoning University of International Business and Economics, and speak about Cardiff met, from a students prospective.

we travelled on the Wednesday from Beijing to Dalian, just Alice Rosie and myself. This took roughly six hours. It was a quick easy journey, however when we left the station we got in a taxi and traveled for nearly two hours to reach our hotel. It was slightly worrying but nice to finally get some sleep when we reached the hotel. That evening was the first time we met Leo and Dr. Fan and they took us to dinner at a local restaurant. It was delicious.


The next day we woke up nice and early to take a car round the corner to the university. We were greeted by university staff who gave us tea and presents which was a really nice flask.  We walked into a seminar room where many students were present. They seemed so shocked to see us, and started taking photos of us. this was rather bizarre. Later on we attended a talk that was in Chinese by teachers and the Cardiff met team. We were asked to give a speech while we were there about life in Cardiff from a students point of view. Which I volunteered to do. I spoke about the city, accommodation, staff and university opportunities like clubs and teams. I think it went well, I just hope the students understood my english.

After this we met with three students from the student union who took us on a tour of the campus and bought us some local food. We also got to play some pingpong with the students at the university.

After this we toured more of the university with our new friends, Leo and Dr.Fan, where we got to see some specialist classes, Including Japanese tea class and cocktail making class. We also got to look at the sports facilities and the cinema room where they showed us a clip of Avatar in 3D. After this we travelled back to our hotel and had a lovely sea food lunch with Leo, Dr. Fan and other members of staff from LUIBE.

Today was such a brilliant day. It was so strange not knowing what was going to happen next, but I think we done Cardiff Met proud. It was nice to see another university in China, and I thought the campus was beautiful. I think we were lucky to see some parts of the school perhaps many of the student had never seen before. And I feel privileged they treated us so nicely.  I’m glad we got to experience this, and I hope Leo was happy with my speech.


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