Dalian- Travelling

Today we met up with our two new friends called Coco and Tong and they took us to see some of the interesting sights of Dalian. At first when looking on Trip Advisor, Rosie suggested we travel to this Japanese/ Russian Prison on the coast to find out history of the war between the Japanese and the Russians. When we got into the taxi the taxi driver told our friends that it was closed and suggested a similar historic area, which was a fort called Electric Rock, which was located at Port Arthur.

Here we saw some of the original machinery and some of the original images from the war. All the information within the fort was in Chinese so I do not know much about the war, however, I was really interested in the marks made on the images because of water damage and so on. I thought it was really interesting how they changed over time.

Outside the fort there was some lovely views of the cost which I think looked beautiful.

After spending a brief time here. We decided to travel somewhere slightly more fun and touristy. We ended up choosing to go to the aquarium in Dalian. As Richard one of our friends from yesterday had contacted me and told me it was the longest aquarium in Asia.

When we arrived I fell in love with the theme. It was like an underwater derelict sunken ship. I instantly fell in love with the jelly fish. I couldn’t believe they were real, they seemed like children’s toys. The lights in the tank glowed making them look so interesting. It was also lovely seeing turtles up close, but I thought the enclosure seems very small for four large turtles. I really don’t think Chinese culture understands respect for animals like we do in England. The first time I’ve ever seen a beluga Whale and it was in an underwater show with divers. I personally thought it was nice to see, but now looking back I think its crazy they are expected to put on a show for humans in this way because its obviously very un natural. We also got to see the penguins. They all looked very happy swimming and jumping out of the water onto the rock. When we walked round the corner we got to see another part of the penguins enclosure where penguins were nesting and breeding. It was lovely to see baby penguins, as I had never seen them before, and I don’t think I will ever get another chance to. I can only assume in England they give animals more privacy during this time. But I feel privileged to see them.




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