Dalian- Travelling Day 2

Today we decided to go to Dalian forest zoo with our friends Requel and Richard. I was really excited because we had seen on trip advisor that they had a cable car going up a mountain, where you could see animals from a height. Unfortunately when we got there, our friends had told us it was not in use because of an accident, all of a sudden I was really happy it wasn’t working. These past few weeks I’ve realised how poor health and safety is in China. This was the first time I was going to a zoo with Rosie and Alice because they decided they didn’t want to go to Beijing zoo after seeing bad reviews. I was just super exited to see more pandas. Straight away once we were in I wanted to go see the pandas. There were three pandas in outside enclosures all separately. They all seemed super happy but I forget how lazy pandas are. We spent about forty minutes watching them. After walking back around the first panda we saw started climbing a bar that was in his enclosure. I was so shocked to see that it was able to climb, just because they are so big. But it was so funny seeing him fall around and move along the bar.

After seeing the pandas we moved to a little animal area, where there was shetland ponys, llamas, baby bears and baby tiger cubs. I started to feel really sad because they were all so little. and some of the enclosures looked as if they were like a day care centre the way they were decorated. I was shocked to see baby bears in such a boring enclosure without there mums.

However, we walked on to find the zebras, camels and llama petting zoo. This was probably the nicest area, the animals all looked happy and they were friendly. But somehow  Chinese culture never seems to amaze me. Many visitors were tormenting the animals with food and teasing them, or giving them sweet bread. I was so confused by they were treating them so poorly. It wasn’t until I saw the bears that I was truly upset. These bears were on there hind-legs clapping for food. It seems horrible to see an animal act like a human and beg for food, as if it was in desperate need. How would they have learnt to hold them selves up for ages on there hind-legs and clap. it was too upsetting for me. And the visitors were throwing food at the bears, including boiled sweet. I lost my temper with some people and yelled at them for being so disgusting. I think I am finally starting to understand how different our cultures are, and maybe zoos everywhere aren’t that great really because its not a natural exciting habitat for these animals. Its not simulating and interesting. But I must say, on the other hand maybe they need some sort of conservation. I have such mixed emotions on this issue now. If anyone has any options let me know- Its greatly appreciated.

Slightly gutted that I didn’t get to see any Giraffes. There my favourite. But if they were treated badly I was be heart broken.


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