Garment Making Class- Making a Skirt


Last week I cut out the fabric for my skirt pieces, and this week we started stitching it together. I choose to use a metallic thin material, because i’m really into metallic and futuristic styles at the moment. Although now looking back, not sure if it was the best material to use because it was quite stretchy.

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As we went along, I wrote down step by step how to make it:

  1. Cut out 2 skirt Pieces- piece 1 (the skirt length) and piece 2 (waist band). Fold fabric and cut out pattern pieces on the line of the fold.
  2. With piece 1, fold in half, place right sides together and measure 18 cm from the waist line down.
  3. Stitch a straight line from this point to the bottom of the skirt length making sure to reverse stitch at the top and the bottom.
  4. Iron out this seam.
  5. Cut bonderweb like fabric 18cm by 1cmx 2 and iron down on the edges of piece 1 on the wrong side.
  6. Use the iron to open the zip.
  7. Using the zip foot, place zip and fabric right sides together and stitch along the zip as close as possible.
  8. Open the zip and do the same with the other side.
  9. once finished close zip to check if fabric matches up and draw a line on the fabric to show a point where piece 1 will end.
  10. With piece 2 cut out bonderweb and iron to the whole piece on the wrong side.
  11. fold piece 2 in half and iron until flat.
  12. turn right sides together and stitch a line 1cm in on both edges going backwards and forwards at the beginning and end. Turn right way round again.
  13. fold one edge 1cm in and iron until flat.
  14. with the other edge fold in so it overlaps the other edge by 0.1cm and iron until flat. (this is super awkward).
  15. Turn corners inside out and cut corners off to make a perfect point when turned right way round.
  16. open up the 1cm edge and place right sides together with piece 1. Stitch along the 1cm line leaving a 1cm seam allowance. Make sure to leave a gap of 3cm where you will attach a clasp or button for another fastening.
  17. Tuck in the 1.1cm edge making sure the zip is in the middle of these fabrics, and stitch along the line from the right side. This should create a neat line making sure to stitch threw the other edge because of the 0.1cm you left extra.
  18. After this, apply a button or clap to the waist band edges.
  19. If needed fold the bottom of the skirt up 0.5cm and o.5cm again and stitch along this line to create a neat edge where the fabric will not fray.

BINGO BONGO we have a skirt.

So now I know roughly how to make a skirt, I want to try make another skirt with an original design without any help from my teacher, because as you can see from the pictures my teacher helped me a lot. I think its hard because of the language barrier but i wish I had more input into this skirt.


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