Shanghai- Day 1

Today we arrived in shanghai after a really quick an enjoyable train journey on the the Bullet train. We had already booked an apartment which Alice had found on so we got in a taxi and the taxi driver dropped us off in the strange location. It looked like are estate in Beijing but much worse. After walking around the estate and talking Chinese with some of the locals we eventually called the landlord who told us how to access the apartment. It was a very strange layout consisting of a communal kitchen and bathroom, a separate front door for our apartment with another tiny kitchen and bathroom and a smaller room off the kitchen with a double bed and a squished in single bed with a mattress that was an inch wide. We were instantly confused why we were in such an odd place as the pictures online didn’t look anything like the real thing.
Next thing we know we get a knock on the door from some old women who starts shouting at us in Chinese. The only response we know in Chinese is ‘I don’t understand’, but she dismissed us talking an continued to shout. We attempted to call the landlord to speak with her but she refused to speak to anyone on the phone. A passer by spoke with her briefly and told us she was deaf. Without knowing why she was shouting I asked her to stop holding the door and she pushed the door closed in our faces seeming very angry.
After this we decided to try stay one night as we were concerned it was a bit weird. Minutes later someone starting aggressively kicking the door in, it sounded like they were going to break the lock off the door. We all panicked and called Leo from the Cardiff Met office as we thought he was also in shanghai. He suggested he try talk to the women in Chinese but I explained to him the women was deaf. He suggested to leave the apartment and wait outside and his colleague would come and collect us. We frantically packed our bags and ran outside and waited for another man called Leo to find us. Within 15 minutes Leo was with us and rang another hotel for us to find us a room. I was so surprised how quickly they were to help us out and I am so appreciate they were so kinds when we needed them.
We arrived at our new hotel and we invited Leo out for dinner with us we it was quite late and we were very hungry. We found a small restaurant near our hotel and Leo suggested we have some authentic shanghai food. He was nice enough to pay for our dinner which I was really thankful of. We then left and planned to meet tomorrow at shanghai buiness university to act as ambassadors for Cardiff Met.



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